CIDB Green Card Training

Time: Every Tuesday & Thursday (weekly)
Venue: Petrominwork Sdn Bhd Lot 312, Jalan Pengerang, Sg Rengit, 81620,Pengerang, Johor

Please register 5 days before start of class

Dilah Shamsudin


Train Today For A Great
Career Tomorrow

In addition to job placements, Pengerang Career Gateway also offers training courses and seminars for the Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara’s (IKBN) graduates.

Pengerang Career Gateway in cooperation with the Johor State Government and the Johor Petroleum Development Corporation (JPDC) is actively seeking jobs and training candidates for Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) within the Pengerang area as well as the rest of Johor State in order to offer career opportunities to the local populations.

Pengerang Career Gateway aims to further strengthen and support both the national and the state government's goal to accelerate economic and the social well-being of the community, improve the quality of life and address the needs and aspiration of the Johoreans.

to and overview
of the oil & gas

with IKBN

and methodologies

  • How to craft an effective CV
  • How to job-prospect
  • Job interview tips

Career fairs
and roadshows